Thursday, 17 November 2011

Egg in the Basket

This is a quick snack that can be enjoyed any time, I love it on cold winter days, the combination of hot fried bread and gooey egg with a big mug of coffee, is too much to resist. My children love it for breakfast and they dip the lid into to the egg. Prefect for breakfast in bed or for something a bit more up market try Scrambled eggs and Smoked Salmon.

Serves 2

2 Slices of pan loaf
2 eggs
25g Lard or oil
Pinch of salt

Melt the lard on the pan on a medium heat, not too hot or the bread will burn before the egg is cooked.

Using a scone cutter or any shape you choose, cut a circle out of the middle of the bread and fry until brown on the pan. Once nicely browned on one side, flip over and crack an egg into the hole.

Cover the pan with a lid, this cooks the top of the egg without the hassel of flipping the whole thing over (which I can never manage to do with breaking the yoke). Cook for a further 3-4 minutes or until the egg is to your liking.

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