Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easy Easter Bunny Cake

This is the perfect Easter cake, it is really quick and easy to make and looks really impressive. I used my Victoria Sponge recipe for the cake with chocolate butter cream and lots and lots of jelly beans.

Serves 8-10

500g Icing sugar
250g Butter, softened
2tbsb Water
2tbsp Cocoa
Jelly beans
Writing icing in black and red

Bake the sponge as per classic Victoria sponge recipe. Cut out the ears and bow from one of the rounds.

Make the butter cream by whipping the butter with a mixer until soft and creamy, add the icing sugar, cocoa and water. Mix until light and fluffy. Spread the butter cream over the base of the cake to secure to your cake board.

Cover the cake with butter cream and fluff up with a fork. Decorate with the jelly beans and ice the mouth and whiskers.

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