Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tylo Glue (Edible Glue)

What is Tylo powder and what do I use it for?  Tylo Powder (also known to as Tylose ,CMC & gum powder) is sold as an 'improver' for sugarpaste modelling creations and also used to stick sugarcraft items to cakes (recipe below). When making very fine decorations in sugarpaste this product gives more elasticity and therefore a finer result. It also speeds up the hardening process of the icing paste, so it is very helpful if you want to handle your sugarpaste creations straight away. I bought a 85g pot ofCulpitt Tylo powder for €8.99, so it is fairly inexpensive, but watch the expiry date as it can be very short.

1tsp Tylo powder
30tsp Boiled and cooled water

Mix the tylo powder with the water and leave overnight in a fridge, it will be lumpy at first but will become a clear, gel-like subsance. Do not keep for any longer than two weeks.

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