Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hallowe'en Apple Pops

These easy party apple pops are an alternative to the traditional toffee apples. I love to dot these around the party table, the surprise on the children's faces when they realise that it's apple (or pear if you prefer) is priceless. It's hasn't stopped anyone yet eating the lot and begging for more!
If you are planning a party then this Pumpkin Cake is the prefect centre piece. Enjoy!

Makes 8-10

4 Eating apples
200-300g Milk chocolate
Bamboo skewers, cut to size

Melt the chocolate in a large microwave safe bowl on full power, 30 seconds at a time, stir frequently. Wash the apples and slice into rings, insert the bamboo skewers. Dip the apple slices into the melted chocolate.

Dip the chocolate apples into the sprinkles while the chocolate is still warm.

Lay on a large sheet of parchment until completely set. Serve immediately.

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