Monday, 22 July 2013

Canvas Button Tree

Now I know this is a departure for me, I'm usually busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm. But I am a crafter at heart, I have my finger in many crafty pies, I do a little knitting, painting, jewellery making and I especially love paper crafts. This was a project I spotted on Pinterest and thought it would look lovely hanging on the landing. This is how I made it....

I sketched the outline of a basic tree trunk in pencil on a 50x70cm (20x27inch) canvas (for a previous painting project), then I provisionally positioned the buttons. Trying to mix the size and colours for a balanced look.

I took this photo to use as a guide for when the tree was painted and dry, to act a reference point for later (which I didn't use!!)

I painted a graduated wash, light into dark with acrylic paint, I then painted in the pencil outline for the tree trunk in dark brown.

There is no real need to be too detailed, this is meant to be fun.

I used a glue gun to stick the buttons into place, then glued some really small buttons at the base of the trunk so they look like fallen blossoms.

The finished result is now hanging in pride of place on the landing. The colours change all the time, some of the buttons catch the light at different times of the day. Some sparkle in direct light, others stand out in low light. It reminds me of a tree in early autumn when the trees are at their most colorful. 

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