Saturday, 10 August 2013

Homemade Flubber

We spent the day playing with this, everybody in the house has had a go at it. We stretched it from one end of the house to the other, moulded it, stamped it and generally had a ball with it!! Now I am totally new to flubber (also knows as Gak and Slime), it's hard to describe, it is firm, yet very soft and is extremely stringy although it will tear in half if needed....strange stuff indeed. I made the first batch as an experiment, then proceeded to make two more batches in different colours. We store it in airtight containers when not in use and I expect it will keep for weeks and weeks. If this gets into your carpet or your cloth sofa then you will be scrubbing for what seems like an eternity to get it out, you have been warned!

My children are of an age that they know (at least I hope so!) not to eat this stuff, so if your little ones put everything in their mouth then I suggest you try one of the non toxic recipes out there.

Yield 375g

140ml Cold water
250g White PVA glue (I bought a 600g Bottle of Blue Label Washable PVA Glue for €1.99 in Easons )
Food colouring
125ml Hot water
1 tsp Borax powder (I bought a 100g pot for €1.51 in my local pharmacy)

Borax powder is not suitable for small children and should be handled with care, with that in mind I recommend that an adult make this recipe.

Place the PVA glue, cold water and food colouring in a small bowl. In a larger bowl dissolve the borax in the hot water, stir until the water is clear.

Slowly pour the glue mixture into the bowl containing the borax solution. Mix thoroughly until the glue forms a squishy ball. If you remove the borax solution too soon the flubber won't be cohesive. Carefully drain off any remaining liquid. Message the flubber until it is smooth and elastic. Stick with it, at first it will be a crumbly and fall apart but the more you work it the smoother it becomes. Eventually it will become stretchy, slowly does it though, if you stretch it too fast it breaks!

Stamp it....

Create a fossil with it....

Stretch it...

Attack it!!

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