Thursday, 15 August 2013

I made Tom Doorley's 3-Course Menu to Serve 4 (With Wine!) for €20 or Under.

Okay two blog posts in the same day is a record for me, but it I just had to share this with you all. I take no credit for this menu, I just happened to be listening to Marian Finucane's radio show when she interviewed Tom Doorley about his summer menu. Now aside from the fact that is not bad value at all, if you are entertaining, the food sounded really tasty, so I thought sure why not? The recipe for this whole meal is on Tom Doorley Megabites blog. I made the whole meal, albeit with a few minor changes, so here is how I got on....

I decided to make the tart first, as it sets as it cools and it taste perfect at room temperature.

The pastry is very rich and buttery (use chilled butter when making the pastry) however this makes it a bit tricky to roll out so I took Tom at his word and treated it like plasticine and pushed it into the edges of my tart tin.

Blind baked it at 190ºC for 10 minutes.

I upped the sugar in the tart by an extra 100g cause I have a sweet tooth that makes me do these things ;) The recipe wasn't clear if I should use two or three eggs, so I opted for two.

Baked it for 30 minutes at 160ºC until it was golden on top.

The tart was still a bit sharp but perfect with some pouring cream.

The chicken and mushroom gratin..... 

I cooked the chicken for about 40 minutes and allowed it to cool slightly before stripping off the flesh.

The gratin is very moreish and hearty. I used a 1.2kg chicken which was €2.99 from Aldi instead of the the 1.4kg free range chicken called for in the original recipe. I had the chicken in the freezer and was looking for a tasty recipe in which to use it. The filling is very easy to make, no lumpy sauce to worry about.

The chicken is tender and sweet while the topping is just the right amount of crunchy!

Makin' the soup....

I reduced the stock to about 1ltr, now because I used a very, very large saucepan to cook the chicken in, I had a LOT of stock, so the job of reducing it too a bit longer than I thought. Once that was done it only took a few minutes to make the soup.

Light and perfect with a cool glass of wine.

The salad...

The salad leaves (lolla rossa) were from my own garden and I substituted the shallot with a homegrown spring onion. I made the vinaigrette in a jar with 2 parts oil to 1 part cider vinegar with 1tsp of wholegrain mustard.

Dress the salad just before you are about to serve it as it will wilt if left too long.

I really enjoyed this meal, it was really tasty and although it takes time to put together it is well worth it. I will be making this again soon and looking forward to it too!

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