Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My New Juicer

I have been on a health kick recently, trying to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into my diet, food blogging takes it toll on your waistline if you aren't careful, so what better way to consume more goodness than by drinking it.
Behold my new Kenwood AT644 Fruit Press Attachment, to give it it's full title. My reason for buying this attachment and not a stand alone juicer was space, over the years I have bought lots of various appliances (this is not my first juicer!) all of which end up in either the recycling bin or our attic. So with that in mind I decided that this relatively small piece of machinery would be the best for me.

Now when I went looking for some reviews of this product I found very little information out there, even Kenwood itself didn't see fit to promote this as anything more that something to squash a few berries with. So for what it is worth here is my (non sponsored) opinion. This is a very good piece of equipment to have, seeing as you already have the motor in your Kenwood mixer, why not exploit it. The quality of the build is excellent, as you might expect from Kenwood and it is well able to juice much more that a few raspberries!! 

How does it work? Well you attach the juicer to the slow speed outlet (on the front of your machine), then select a low speed and juice. It works by crushing the fruit against the slow moving scroll, perfect they say for wheatgrass and spinach (I've yet to try both of those), this method of slow pressing the fruit and vegetables preserves more vitamins. It is very easy to wash, I usually run each piece under warm soapy water once I'm finished juicing, the filter comes with a special brush to get rid of the stubborn pieces of fruit pulp.

The feed tube is of a acceptable diameter and the whole attachment is very easy to put together or pull asunder as needed. I have been juicing of a while so I thought you'd like to know what it is capable of, although I will sample more recipes on Pinterest as I go.....

No peeling required, just divided into eight. Push the pieces slowly one at a time through the juicer as they take a little longer to move through the machine.

It won't juice fresh carrots, but cooked carrots contain almost as much beta carotene as fresh (just saying!!) and I have juiced those.

Citrus Fruits
Peeled and cut into six to eight pieces. This juicer will really get the very last drop of juice from your citrus fruits, but they tend to cause blockages if juiced in large batches.

Cucumber and Courgette
I prefer to peel the cucumber and I find the skin tastes bitter, cut into chunks and juice. Cut the courgette into chunks and juice.

Cut into rough chunks and juice.

Divide into eight wedges, cut off the tough skin, chop into chunks. If the pulp seems a bit wet I sometimes rejuice the pulp to be sure I get the very last drop from it.

Peel and cut out the tough inner core, juice each piece at a time.

Peel and cut in half, they tend to block up the machine in large batches.

Nectarines and Peaches
Quarter and remove the stone, if  the nectarines are very ripe bordering on mushy they will block the filter. But it is worth it, the juice is beautiful and nicer still mixed with some orange juice.

Very handy, just wash and juice whole.

One final thought.....
We have been having the most spectacular sunsets this summer, they are tinged with every colour you can imagine, pinks, purples, oranges and menacing grays.  My family laugh at me now when they see me running outside (usually barefooted) with my camera in hand. I have published some of my favourites on Instagram but I thought I should share my top four with you.

Okay one last photo of the sky.....

Dramatic isn't it!
*Not a sponsored post, just my humble opinion.


  1. Hi,
    Have you tried using it to remove the skin & seeds of tomatoes to make tomato sauce?

    1. Hi Ling, it will remove both the seeds and the skin but it would be more like tomato juice. Homemade juice is almost transparent! I don't think it would be suitable for a sauce. Thanks fot dropping by :)

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  3. hi i've contacted the kenwood customer service for more information about this attachment but they haven't replied me even after 3 weeks now. I am really curious, does the juicer attachment still work since you started using it in 2013? Did it damage your kenwood kitchen machine in any way? That's my main concern as the description doesn't imply that it can be used for all sorts of juicing except for wheatgrass and berries. I dont want to end up with a broken kenwood kitchen machine and have my warranty voided just because I am using it wrongly. I'm planning to get a cold press juicer but if this attachment works as one then I can save some kitchen space.

    1. Morning Patricia, thank you for your comment. I think it would be fair to say that this fruit press works much better with soft fruit and vegetables. I have juiced apples but I wouldn't recommend this in the long term. I have a Chef 366 with a 800 watt motor and firm apples are it's upper limit.
      I find it perfect for tender leafy greens, soft fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables like tomatoes and bell peppers.
      Obviously you are are aware that a high speed juicer is available that takes whole apples etcetera. Would that be more suitable?
      I did a lot of research before I bought this attachment and for me it is suitable but if you require a complete fruit press then this mightn't be for you. Best of luck with you final choice :)

    2. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for the information. Hmm, my kenwood is a 1200W machine. Not sure if there's a difference to the juicing capabilities. And yes, I already have a centrifugal juicer but I'm looking to buy a cold press juicer as it retains more of the nutrients in the juice since close to no heat is produced unlike the high speed centrifugal one I have. I guess I'll just stick with a proper designated cold press juicer as I am quite picky about my juicers (taking efficiency, price and less waste into account). Thank you again for your very helpful information. :)

  4. Hi! I have a kenwood km098 and I want a juicer for fruit and veg juice. I have to decide between at641 (continue juicer) and at644 (fruit press). Wich one is better? Thanks!

    1. Hi, that is a beautiful mixer you have, I am no expert but if you want to juice whole firm apples and fresh carrots etc then I suggest the AT641. Best of luck in you decision. Lisa

  5. Thanks...i'm asking you 'cause in Italy the at644 isn't commercialized, i can't find some review of it but normally a slow-juicer juice is better thanks a fast-juicers juice!

    1. Hi Simone, if you wish to juice soft fruits and vegetables then the cold fruit press is a good option. A fruit press preserves more vitamins and nutrition because there is no heat involved in the juicing process, hence the name, however it is not suitable for firm fruit or vegetables. If your juicing requirements are for whole firm fruit and vegetables then the centrifugal juicer is more suitable. I do not work for Kenwood so this is just my humble opinion. Good luck.

  6. Interesting to read your experiences. When I first got this attachment I thought it was great. When the scroll wheel broke Kenwood could not replace it and I had to look for another juicer. I bought a commercial grade vertical juicer and the difference in how much juice I get out of my expensive organic produce is incredible. AS well the attachment is not great for vegetables or anything hard. The amount of juice I get from my new juicer has resulted in the juicer paying for itself already. I think this attachment is really only meant for making purees from soft fruits.

    1. I totally agree, much better suited to softer fruits