Sunday, 1 December 2013

Easy Homemade Advent Calendar

This is a brilliant family project, my children and I had great fun folding these envelopes, it took my children a couple of attempts to master the technique but once they did there was no stopping them!

This whole concept came up last year when we were separating the cardboard from the plastic of the our shop bought advent calendar, my daughter (ever the hoarder!) wondered why we couldn't keep the inserts for next year and fill them with chocolate, making our own calendars next year.

Well that started the whole notion that we couldn't possibly buy the calendars this year and that we had to make our own. As it turned out, making our own calendars was really great fun.

The chocolates didn't work out (the chocolates melted after we took them from the fridge...lack of tempering?!?) but making the origami envelopes was brilliant, the fact that we could personalise each day made this years calendars really extra special.    

Makes: 1 advent calendar

You will need:
24 small wrapped chocolates or small toys
24 Pieces of 15cm x 15cm paper
24 Festive wooden pegs (like the ones for hanging up Christmas cards)
Small white stickers to write the day number (optional)
Length of cord
Your imagination!! 

Trim pieces of old wrapping paper, an old magazine, brown paper or any paper you have lying around the house to 15 x 15cm squares.

Take your paper squares and fold into the small envelopes (above) until you have 24 perfect little envelopes!

Fill each pocket with a special treat and hang the envelopes onto the cord.

Every morning a treat will await your little ones and for a very special occasions you can write a little message on the inside of the envelopes like "good luck in you school play" or " we're visiting Santa today".

My daughter (7) really enjoyed making her own envelopes and decorating some of them with sparkly stickers! 

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