Saturday, 7 December 2013

How to Create Bokeh

I took this picture a couple of days ago, trying to learn how to create the Bokeh effect (pronounced Bo-cah). I recently changed my camera to a slightly fancier one, so now I'm working my way through all those projects I've wanted to do for a while, this was top of the list considering the time of year.

To achieve this switch your camera to Manual (M) on your programme dial, switch off auto focus using the small switch (MF) on the camera lens, turn out the lights, leaving only the Christmas lights to light the room.
No flash was used to take this picture and then I unfocussed the lights until they became these beautiful orbs, creating this floating effect around our tree. 

Photographed in Low Light on Manual Focus.   F4.0  1/6  ISO 400

I set the Aperture (Av) to F4.0, Shutter speed (Tv) to 1/6 and the ISO to 400 and stood back to create the floaty orbs. 

Photographed in Low Light on Manual Focus.   F4.0  1/6  ISO 400 (This time I stood a bit closer to the tree).
A tripod is optional, the shutter speed is very slow so you might prefer using one, it will stop any additional blur. The white balance (WB) was set to Daylight, but you might prefer Cloudy for a warmer look. It is such a nice effect that I think I will be doing it a lot more over the next couple of days :)

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