Monday, 30 October 2017

Easy Hallowe'en Cake

Halloween Cake, easy and tasty. Thank you The Cake Blog for your wonderful cake!

My daughter decided that this Monster Eye Cake from The Cake Blog would be the perfect cake for a recent school project. It was in keeping with the time of year and a cake that she could make with a little help from me! :)

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Fun, Easy and Free Hallowe'en Knitting!

Fun and Easy Knitting Hallowe'en Patterns thanks to Jean Greehowe.

These wonderfully easy ghosts came from one of my favourite knitting designers, Jean Greenhowe. When I looked at her website, I just thought aren't they just adorable! 

Teeny, tiny ghosts that are the perfect Hallowe'en gift, an added bonus is that they are extremely quick (even for a slow knitter like myself) to knit. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Zombie Brains Cupcakes

Hallowe'en Zombie Brains Cupcakes, the perfect addition to your party!

Oh how I love Hallowe'en! It's the autumnal colours (lots of deciduous trees around our house) and the crisp foggy days with cool nights in front of a roaring fire.
Now added to all of this is a bit of fun, what better than a plateful of Zombie Brain Cupcake, fuelling the ghoulish theme of a Hallowe'en party! These are a basic cupcake recipe with the addition of vanilla buttercream but with a little imagination you have a horror filled treat that's fun for all the family!