Monday, 19 December 2011

Children's Chocolate Truffles

I think this makes a perfect present for teacher or that someone special in your child's daily life. It is very quick to make and children of almost all ages can make these sweet treats. When my daughter and I made the first batch, we rolled them in cocoa powder, but they failed quality control (my 4 year old son!) he didn't like bitter taste. So we changed the coating to icing sugar and chocolate strands. If you're a grown up, then a tablespoon of Rum, Whiskey or Tia Maria added to the mix would be delicious and then rolled in crushed nuts or dessicated coconut.

Makes 18

100g Slightly stale cake
100g Milk chocolate, melted
25g Raisins
75ml Double cream
Cocoa, icing sugar or sprinkles for rolling

Crumble the cake in crumbs. Melt the chocolate. Add the crumbled cake and other ingredients to the melted chocolate and mix well with a large spoon.


Use your fingers to make small rounds of the mixture and place on a sheet of baking parchment. Put some cocoa powder, icing sugar or sprinkles on a plate and gently coat the truffles using just your finger and thumb to roll them. Shaking off the excess.

Do not use the palm of your hand as this is warm as this will cause the truffles to melt. Place the truffles in paper cases.

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