Sunday, 4 December 2011

Cranberry and Port Relish

This is delicious, I've doubled the quaintly that I made last year because it was so popular. I gave a jar of this to my parents last year as part of a Christmas hamper and my mother's praised even up until recently. Now don't take her word for it, try it for yourself.

Tip: Cranberries are suitable for home freezing, up to 1 year. To freeze - place unopened bag in freezer, no need to thaw, just run under cold water to wash, use as you would fresh.

Makes 1ltr

340g Fresh Cranberries
250ml Water
200g White sugar
3tbsp Port

Wash the cranberries in cold running water. In a medium sized saucepan, add the water and sugar. Warm gently until the sugar melts, add the cranberries, bring to the boil.

Remove from the heat, add the port. Return to the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, until the popping stops. Cool slightly and serve.

Alternatively transfer to jars hot from the dishwasher. This relish will keep in the fridge for 6-8 weeks.

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