Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Delia's Perfect Rice

This is the only rice recipe you will ever need, if you struggle with cooking rice then this is the recipe for you. I usually serve it with Delia's Creamy Chicken Curry. The original recipe served two so I have doubled the quantity.

Delia says:
A friend of mine swore she'd never be able to cook rice: she had tried - she said - every sort of rice and every kind of method, only to be teased so much by her family that she gave up completely. Now I'm happy to report she has been persuaded to follow the method below and has had perfect rice every time. What is perfect rice? Simply this, that when it's cool enough you can pick up a handful that will run through your hands in a stream of perfectly separate grains. You will need:

Recipe complements of Delia Smith's Complete cookery Course

Serves 4

Long grain white or brown rice measured up to the 10 fl oz (275 ml) level in a measuring jug
1 pint (570 ml) boiling water or stock
1tbsp Oil or 20g butter
One medium, solid-based saucepan or flameproof casserole, and a shallow serving dish, warmed.
Begin by heating the oil or butter gently, just to the melting stage, then add the rice and,using a wooden spoon, stir the grains to get them all thoroughly coated and glistening with fat.
Now add the boiling water or stock and salt, stir just once as the liquid comes up to simmering point, then put on a tight- fitting lid. Turn the heat down to keep the gentlest simmer- then go away and leave it completely alone. Don't take the lid off and, above all, don't stir it. After exactly 15 minutes, if the rice is white (40 if it's brown), I give you permission to have a look and test a few grains. If they are tender, and , when you tilt the pan almost on it's side, you can see no trace of liquid left, the rice is cooked.
Now tip it out into a warmed serving dish, using a rubber spatula to dislodge any grains that refuse to leave the base. Lightly fluff the grains with a skewer (or a fork). Serve immediately. Or f you need to to keep it warm- say for 20 minutes - cover the bowl with a tea cloth (which will absorb the steam and help keep the grains separate) and place it over a hot pan of hot but not boiling water.

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