Monday, 17 September 2012

How to Joint a Chicken

I try to stock up on any special offers when I'm doing my weekly shopping, key to this is a chest freezer (I just love mine!!). Sometimes though I get carried away, this is one such occasion. I bought a rather large number of small (1.2kg) whole chickens, not really big enough for a Sunday roast, but they needed to be used all the same. This is my (the freezer's full) solution to getting the best out of small chickens. I sometimes joint before I freeze (if I have time) or defrost and then joint them for a casserole. The carcass can then be used to make Homemade Chicken Stock.

Joint a chicken using a two sharp knifes, a large one for cutting through joints and a small paring knife for cutting away the breast meat from the bone. Use a large chopping board, I find a wood chopping board best, place a damp tea cloth under the board to prevent it from moving while you work on a solid surface. I like to keep my stock pot beside me for the the skin etc.

First cut away legs at the hip joints. Remove the wings (keep for making stock) or if you are jointing a couple of chickens, keep them for Chinese Chicken Wings.

Run your finger along the breast bone and place the paring knife either side of it, slice the flesh away from the bone and right the way across while moving downwards. Use the sharp point of the knife to cut away the flesh.

Divide the breast in two. Repeat with the other breast. Tip the carcass on it's side and remove the thigh. Use the paring knife to remove any remaining flesh, not forgetting underneath the carcass. Skin the breast and legs (optional). Use the skin along with the wings and carcass to make stock.

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