Friday, 10 May 2013

Two Super Simple Salads

These are two really simple salads that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. The first is my warm garlic mushroom salad, heat a frying pan over a medium heat. Add some garlic butter or garlic infused oil onto the pan. Fry off quartered button mushrooms until they are golden brown. Add a tablespoon or two of breadcrumbs to the pan, this will ensure that all the lovely juices are soaked up. Serve straight away either as a really quick warm salad or as a side dish.

The second is one you often see on salad bars, it is an apple, pineapple and celery salad. I just love the sweetness of the apple and pineapple against the crunch of the celery. The dressing consists of half mayonnaise and half crème fraîche mixed together until smooth. All done!!

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