Thursday, 6 February 2014

Crock Pot Brown Tin Loaf

I made this Brown Tin Loaf a couple of years ago and I really liked it, especially when it is toasted with real butter dripping down the sides.. yum. It is also the ideal bread for toasted sandwiches. With that in mind I thought I should perhaps update the recipe adding a new twist - cooking it in my slow cooker!
I wanted to prove to myself that no matter which bread recipe I used, it could be adapted to work in my slow cooker. Granted this type of bread only requires one rise, others may require a second rise, knocked back and be allowed to rise again, those loaves might not work as well. Either way this loaf worked and tasted no different baked in my oven as it did baked in my crock pot. Worth a try eh?


1 qty Brown Tin Loaf dough
Flour for sprinkling

Follow the instruction up to the shaping stage on the original post. Shape the dough and place into a loaf tin, sprinkle the loaf with some flour and place it into the ceramic basin of your slow cooker. Cook on HIGH until for at about 2-3 hours.  

Check the bread after 2 hours, once the internal temperature reaches 87ºC-93ºC (190ºF-200ºF) and the top of the loaf is firm to the touch. It took my slow cooker about 3 hours to bake this loaf.  

Although the loaf is cooked right through it is a bit pale so preheat the grill on HIGH for 4-5 minutes.

Brown the bread under the grill, this won't take long so don't leave it!

The bread is now golden and gives no indication as to it's slow cooked origins. Allow the bread to cool completely before slicing.

A beautiful crisp loaf of bread baked without any fuss, this is a particularly nice recipe to try on the weekend when your slow cooker isn't in big demand.

My go to toasted sandwich at them moment is baby spinach leaves with ham and cheese, simple but oh so tasty.

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