Monday, 7 April 2014

Lego Movie Cake (Design Creative Cakes by Sharon)

This is just a short post to let you know about a brilliant YouTube channel I found while searching for some inspiration for my son's birthday cake.

I stumbled upon this very detailed tutorial on YouTube from the very talented  Creative Cakes by Sharon. Sharon made it look so doable (that's a word... right!!!) That I just couldn't resist.

Serves 6-8

320g Green ready to roll icing (RTRI)
180g Red RTRI
200g Yellow RTRI
70g Brown RTRI (I kneaded cocoa powder into white icing to achieve the brown)
60g Black RTRI
20g White RTRI
8" Round sponge
Vanilla buttercream
Cake board
Boiled and cooled water
Small clean makeup brush
Cake polisher/smoother

I baked a large rectangle chocolate sponge, I had so much cut offs leftover that I made individual Lego blocks as party treats. if you are new to covering a cake board then this video tutorial should be very helpful.

I covered the cake board and used a metal icing nozzle to cut out the rounds, which I glued into place with a dab of boiled and cooled water with a small brush.

Cutting out the shape was no problem at all with the very useful template Sharon supplied and a very sharp kitchen knife!

I made the neck incision and set aside the cut offs.

The buttercream crumbcoat sealed in all those pesky crumbs.

I learned something new while making the hat, that sausage idea is going to feature in my next cake making venture.

The finished cake was a big hit in this house, my son is really pleased with this years birthday cake!

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